Jumpsuits- Your summer’s wardrobe staple.

Hola folks! It’s the weekend!!! Yayy! Debuting my very first blog on this day and I can’t explain how excited I am.

The weather app has just reminded me of the scorching hot day with a whopping 37 degree Celsius! The rays outside the window BURNS both our skin and our desires to step out.  But afsos no mercy on people like us who have to rush to the metro to attend the very first class (because ATTENDANCE duh -_-) or our 9-6 offices (because again ATTENDANCE; you know HR policies meh 0.0 ) . And we certainly just can’t manage a beach vacation or mountain climbing because there are no summer vacations now. Sigh. Oh, I terribly miss those school days!

Nevermind, this is life.

“Tomorrow is tomorrow. Future cares have future cures, And we must mind today.”


Let’s make everyday stunning and let us be happy with what we have. Let’s vaca here! In our college, workplace, home wherever possible. Let’s enjoy every bit of the summer.

On the days, when your wardrobe — or willpower — are no match for the sticky Summer heat, I am here to help. With shirtdresses, breezy pajama pants and culottes, and pretty, full skirts, beating the heat and staying work appropriate are never mutually exclusive. While the idea of wearing a dress every single day for the next three months is ideal, it’s not likely. For this reason, you should consider the season’s hottest trend: summer jumpsuits and rompers. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They are one piece, which eliminates having to coordinate an entire outfit.
  • They often don’t need to be tailored if you acquire one in your true size.
  • They can be casual or sophisticated, depending on how you accessorize.
  • And lastly, you can wear them if it’s windy without having to worry about an unexpected breeze.

Thus, jumpsuits are the ones that is made just for this weather and your workplace. Have a look!

Pretty Peech to chill!
Small back pack pairing aptly with the lining of the jumpsuit.
Thin Chokers, just to give that elegant touch without over accessorising.
Keep up any hairstyle: Buns, Pony or Loose Open. Jumpsuits are not particular for your hairstyle. It looks even better if you have a bob or a pixe cut! *I wish I could trim ’em once and regrow them in an hour.*
Confidence, smile and attitude are the final accessories which have the greatest (of all) impact!!
Minimal makeup and heavy both goes amazingly well.
Enjoy and relax because it is so light and comfortable.
Giving it a work/official look, I wore pencil heels but they can go with flats, brick and bellies too.

Stunning Photography by Ankit Kumar

Outfit Details

Footwear– Woodland

Accessories– By me (Glitz)


So guys, pour your favourite coolers, crush the ice and stay amazing. Enjoy the summers!

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Good Night!




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  1. Thanks for the suggestions for dressing up during this scorching summer! You look absolutely a stunner!! 😘😘

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  2. Thanks for suggestions… ☺️

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  3. When people look at what you have achieved, it inspires them to be like you. Congratulations! Your FOCUS defines the word. My Lady, you rock!!! May you reap the fruits of success, today and always. GOD BLESS 😘

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  4. Love love love..Way to go girl.

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  5. Thanks for suggestions

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  6. You look gorgeous Erum! And I loved the bag!!

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  7. Amazing suggestion to beat the heat 😎 kudos to your work 😘

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  8. Simply superb….

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  9. Adorable 😘😘

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  10. That’s really amazing.. 😘❤

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  11. Pooja Srivastava April 15, 2017 — 5:58 pm

    Amazing write-up!!!!
    after reading this..now I too got the key point.. how to beat this scorching summer!! 😎
    Really helpful!!

    A great debute! ❤

    God bless you! 😊

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  12. You look so pretty erum:)

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  13. Speechless aftr reading and stalking u…”PRETTY LADY”
    Lovely write-up…proud to b ur follower…u nailed it😘😘😘

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