The Omnipresent Floral Fashion- A trend with staying power.

Bollywood and Hollywood teaches fashion in the easiest way possible. (And obviously Reality shows too. Kim Kardashian can’t be missed!) Going back to the 90s when Sonali Bendre was reigning in Bollywood, her cute floral dresses and tops were the most adored apparels. A quick flashback below!


Liked it? Let me take you to more of such déjà vu moments!

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On the pictures above:

  • The early 90s Floral patches on the beautiful dress of Juhi Chawla.
  • Allie and Noah! Allie and her amazing dresses in The Notebook that gave us more than just relationship goals; DRESS GOALS! Certainly the later one is accomplishable. *wink*
  • Preity Zinta’s super cute pink dress in DKR tells a lot about the floral trend of that era!
  • Betty and Don Draper from Mad Men. Omg this gave us floral goals. The apt compatibility in the dresses gave us an obsession!
  • Rani Mukherjee in Chalte Chalte with her elegant long skirt having floral patches all around gave that perfect soothing look for summers! (Ofcourse Shah Rukh was the eye candy in the movie )
  • White lace bodice, a satin and velvet jacket and matching satin skirt. On the jacket there are panels which have floral print! Rose from Titanic is unforgettable!!!

What is common in all of the nostalgic pictures above? The Floral Prints. Yes. And they are back with a bang! It’s everywhere…it’s omnipresent! H&M, Forever21, Zara are full of such hot tropic paradise floral dresses. For a person like me, who is more of an ‘All-Black’ and ‘Daunting Denim’ kind, it becomes a little difficult to accept the floral fashion.


But, Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end! And different is always sexy! And after Bollywood and Hollywood imitating this never-going Floral trend, I was more than convinced. Seeing Alia in Dear Zindagi, Beyonce in Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend and Shraddha in her upcoming Half Girlfriend gives shopping vibes to immediately add a floral apparel to the cart!

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After such convincing facts, I finally bought a Floral dress, which my hubby chose while we were just going through the new collection (viz Window Shoppingl lol) in the Lifestyle store and couldn’t resist myself from taking this cute 109 F Floral offshoulder dress. Have a look. 🙂

2304-2017-11513450969600080 (2)

I have paired this beautiful dress with Mochi’s brick sandle with colorful strap at its front perfectly matching. Neutral colors such as black, beige, white, nude, and silver generally compliment floral patterns and are often closet staples (so no extra shopping is needed). From your shoes to your jewellery to the bag you decide to carry, and your accessories adding the dollop of neutral shades to your dress, ensures the floral print is balanced and in harmony with your style!

2017-04-23-11-20-47-702 (1)

When you are wearing an off shoulder or a one shoulder dress, you must keep in mind that your dress is your best accessory. So do not try and cover up your gorgeous dress with a lot of ornaments.


Bold floral patterns have a show-stopping presence that is difficult to imitate. In general, most makeup artists recommend opting for all neutral shades of makeup so as to not muddle with the floral print colors. However, it is also a stylish idea to pull one shade from your dress that lends itself well to your lipstick hue! I applied a pink matte shade resembling with florals drawn in the dress.


Since floral dresses tend to have bold, bright, and noticeable colors, pairing it with bold and colorful jewellery is a fashion faux pas. A floral dress of any color is best accessorized with pieces that are delicate, subtle, and simple.


A statement jewellery piece may distract attention from the dress and clash with the bolder tones of your dress. It is better to opt for simple drop earrings or studs, a thin chain with a small and delicate pendant or locket, and a thin bracelet. The rule of thumb is that less is more. Keep your jewellery simple, a bit traditional, and clear.


And obviously ‘Smile’ is your ultimate accessory. Don’t forget to wear it . 🙂

Check below the closeup of my footwear, dress and locket.

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Stunning photography by Ankit Kumar

Outfit Details


Accessories–  Glitz( By me)

Dress– 109F from lifestyle store.

What are you waiting for? I have already convinced you to rush at the nearest store and grab some floral apparels! Go grab them before the summer vanishes.

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  1. I will try

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  2. This is such a wonderful post!! You go girl! I am definitely going to get a floral dress soon!! Wonderful tips! 🙌😘

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  3. So fresh and breezy!!

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  4. Pooja Srivastava April 25, 2017 — 4:58 pm

    awesome job!!
    awesome photoshoot!!
    and yeaa of course Pretty You!!!!❤
    lov the way you smile 😘
    and now am too in lov with floral prints..😍😘❤

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  5. Pooja Srivastava April 25, 2017 — 5:47 pm

    bless you!!! ❤


  6. You look beautiful and this is very informative!

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